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2022-07-13 Author: Poly News
Rummy Game

"That you will obey me."Evelyn Percival, the head girl of the school, was now between seventeen and eighteen years of age. She was a rather pale, rather plain girl; her forehead was broad and low, which gave indications of thoughtfulness more than originality; her wide open gray eyes had a singularly sweet expression; they were surrounded by dark eyelashes, and were the best features in a face which otherwise might have appeared almost insignificant."Yes, certainly. Let me introduce you to someone in particular. Janet May, come here, my dear."

"But your father cannot pay for your disobedience—for the bad example you have set the little children, for the pain and anxiety you have given me."Rummy Game

"Come into the schoolroom with me," said Mrs. Freeman. She was wondering how it would be possible for her to keep Bridget O'Hara in her school.

[Pg 27]"But, my dear child, our hearts are not cold. I assure you, Bridget, I am most anxious to win your love, and so also is Dorothy Collingwood."

Rummy GameRummy Game

Biddy turned, arrested in her gay flight from rosebush to rosebush.

"Quite right, Janet, I am glad you are so industrious. I won't disturb you for more than a minute, my love. I just want to look out of this window. It is the only one that commands a view of the road from Eastcliff. Evelyn ought to be here by now."

"As I was saying," began Janet——"Yes, my dear, what is it?"Mrs. Freeman could see them as she sat in her sitting room.

Rummy GameThe next morning, after breakfast, Mrs. Freeman went upstairs to sit with her favorite Evelyn.

"How can I possibly guess?"

Oh, yes, she ought to tell; and yet—and yet——Rummy Game

An audible titter was heard down the table, and Mrs. Freeman turned somewhat red.

"Yes; you have got to earn it first, however," replied Miss Collingwood, slipping back the pale green panel with a dexterous movement."Thank God for that, my darling," said Mrs. Freeman. She put her arm round the young girl, kissed her tenderly, and drew her away from Bridget.