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2022-07-03 Author: Poly News

In about ten minutes' time Bridget came into the room without knocking. Her hat was still swinging on her arm; there was a wild-rose color on her cheeks; her eyes had a certain excited, untamed gleam in them."And if she happens to fancy Bridget she won't mind[Pg 40] a word we say against her. She never does mind what anyone says. You know that, Janet."

"She was interceding for Bridget," said Dorothy.Bonus

Mrs. Freeman and Miss Patience had driven away in a very smart carriage with a pair of horses to meet her.

It would have been impossible for a much colder heart than Dorothy Collingwood's to resist her."Evelyn Percival. Doesn't it sound pretty?"


Biddy turned, arrested in her gay flight from rosebush to rosebush.

"Poor girl!" said Evelyn, a wistful expression coming into her eyes.


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